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No worries, we can help with that plus, the good news is the GMAT and GRE can be taken up to 5 times a year and 8 times total.

We can guarantee the best training, so you can better utilize your skills when taking the exam.

The score you need to get into a postgraduate programme really depends on the school. Usually, you can find the average score of applicants at your chosen institution by looking at the school´s website. You can also try to call the school´s admissions office to learn more.
Try to excel on all parts of your application. We suggest students consider more than one school. There are plenty of prestigious schools. You just need to spend a little more time finding the programmes that meet your goals.
There are very prestigious graduate schools in both. The correct approach would be to pick schools which match your individual profile. The starting point is to know the sphere of specialization you want to follow, were you would like to live, what lifestyle do you like and what are your main goals.
There are multiple ways to get scholarships and student loans at very low rates.
Rather than age itself, it is how age, skills and work experience fit in your professional records.
No, you can prepare for your exam without having to quit your job.
You can get a good job attending the top 40 universities in the world.
Your test score is only one part of the application, acceptance committees will evaluate all aspects of your application.
Everything can be learned. All you need to be successful is commitment and accountability when it comes to studying. Mathematics is only one section of the exams; they will evaluate many skills, including the quantitative section.
For most universities the application deadlines are the same if you apply for first or on second round.
The GMAT and the GRE English level required is more advanced than the TOEFL and of the IELTS. We suggest you take it once you complete the first stage. What is really important is that you check the availability to book the test date you prefer. Or of your preference.
You should take it as many times as needed until you achieve your target score. Graduate schools don’t take into account how many times you have taken the exam, they only care about the highest score achieved. They don’t take an average of your test scores.
The best way to learn about the requirements of your chosen programs is to visit their websites. A program’s website will have information about deadlines, required tests and any additional information you may need.


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