Are you about to start the admission process for an MBA or EMBA?
We can advise you! Our service include:

Evaluation of school choices

We guide you through the needed steps, so you are prepared to apply to your target schools. If you have already chosen your schools, we´ll evaluate your choices.

Resume development and editing

We are experts at shaping your experiences in the best way to create a resume or CV that will be competitive with admissions committees.

Essay Strategy

We discuss each application with you and guide you to highlight your best skills, qualities, and experiences. We help highlight your best skills, qualities, and experiences in your application essays.

Letter writing support and editing of essays

We advise on the best strategic choices for your future.

Cartas de recomendación

Te asesoramos en la elección de la persona elegida para redactar la recomendación, y evaluamos las cartas de recomendación que tengas.

Training to prepare for video essays and interviews

We provide expert mock interviews and video essay guidance for each school. We help align your experience with the school’s mission and vision.

Revisión final

Realizamos la revisión final de todo el material que hayas trabajado.

Decision counseling and offer negotiation

In the event of multiple acceptances at the schools of your choice, we help you choose the best program for the future you want.

Aditional information


MBA Tutor gave me the possibility to show the best version of myself in the application processes.


Maribel Saenz Valiente

Thanks to MBA Tutor the doors were opened to the best universities.

Josefina Stocca

MBA Tutor helped me obtain a score that I never imagined I could achieve!

Felipe Mihura