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We are a group of education professionals with more than 20 years of experience in training young professionals to take exams such as the GMAT and the GRE with great success.

More than 2,500 students have passed through our classrooms, and more than 1,700 have been accepted into the most prestigious universities around the world.

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Frequent questions

Try to excel on all parts of your application. We suggest students consider more than one school. There are plenty of prestigious schools. You just need to spend a little more time finding the programmes that meet your goals.

Your test score is only one part of the application, acceptance committees will evaluate all aspects of your application.

Debes intentar destacarte en cada uno de los ítems requeridos de la aplicación a la universidad. Nosotros les recomendamos que siempre consideren más de una opción, hay muchas universidades de gran prestigio y nivel académico, a veces es cuestión de invertir un poquito más de tiempo investigando hasta encontrar el programa que realmente se ajuste a tu perfil.

Nuestros alumnos han sido admitidos a estas universidades, y más...




The first key point is the GMAT scoring. A good score in the GMAT is decisive to be accepted in one of the top universities. It is the only way to compare yourself with other applicants through a standardized test. The highest score is 800 and the lowest is 200. The admission officers state that, in the application process, there is a huge difference between 600 and 660 or between 680 and 720. A score below 600 is considered low for top universities. If you were born in the United States of America, India, or China, you are within a range of applications where the GMAT average is higher than that in other parts of the world. Your subgroup has an influence on this. If you are a Latin-American woman with a score of 660, you will have a better chance to get accepted into a top university than a person from China with the same score.


The second key point in the MBA process is the application. You have to tell a compelling story about your personal and professional development, your plan to grow in the future and how they relate. You will have to introduce yourself as a proactive person, who takes risks, and is also, analytical, creative, ethical, a team player, a leader and, a good colleague, all in one. You will also have to show that you have researched every MBA programme and that you, especially, you’re a good fit. Factors such as visiting the university, talking to students and former Alumni, attending presentations, and knowing interesting details of this programme in particular. Everything that can showcase your enthusiasm and indicate that the university you are applying to is, definitely, your first choice. It is, especially, important to apply in the first calls because it increases your chances to be accepted.


The third key point is the combination of your work experience and your extracurricular activities. It is important to show strong potential, as well as great leadership skills through real examples in your workplace and personal life. Acceptance into top university will be more difficult if you cannot show you are a leader or if you are lacking extracurricular activities. For example, in schools like Stanford and HBS, the extracurricular activities are as important as the work experience. You need to have a balance and show great accomplishments in both areas


The fifth key point is the interview. The relative importance of the interview depends on the university. If you are selected for an interview in Stanford and HBS, you can bet that your acceptance will, greatly, depend on the interview. In the case of Columbia University, the interviewers’ goal is to find out if this university is your first choice. In the Kellogg university, they need to make sure that you are highly-skilled and have a deep knowledge of the university. This is really helpful and is, highly important, to convince the interviewers that their university is your first choice. The following questions are similar to the ones on the essays:

Why do you want to receive an MBA at this university? Why now? Tell me about your career development. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses and achievements? What are your hobbies outside of work?

They always end the interview with the following question: Do you have any questions for me? And you should have one that shows your knowledge about the MBA program. Interviews last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on whether they are interested in the subject, time availability, humor and chemistry.


The fifth key point is the references. The person who is referencing you should give examples of why are you’re an indispensable, leader, a great team player, creative, etc. These examples make the recommendation more memorable to deliver a higher impact. It is also useful to tell your referral to write stories or ideas that fit the application or don’t embarrasses you, such as “he is the best analyst in the team because…”. Many referrals ask you to write for them and afterwards, they sign it, especially from countries outside the United States of America. In such cases, it is a good idea to interview your referrals and obtain the most interaction possible.

You can be sure that your referrals will read what you wrote and may modify it. In the end, they will sign it! It is important to pay attention to all these key points if you want to be successful in your MBA application.